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Celebrating Women’s Beauty for 80 Years

Pioneering experts in skin, science and senses. Backed by science and physiology, the focus remains your personalised sensory experience.

The result…every treatment is a unique beauty experience.


 Artistic Nail Design Products

Fun. Edgy. Exclusive

Wear your personalised masterpiece on your fingertips.Professional nail artistry pushes the boundaries of mediocrity. Your professional Artistic nail technician analyses your nails before she chooses the best system (liquid and powder, hard or soft gel, dips system) for your nails. Artistic Nail Design is fast becoming the product of choice among celebrities.


The possibilities are endless with Artistic Nail Design.


“I Was There!!!”

Elize Strauss, owner of Makarios Boutique Spa, and Melissa Peters, International Artistic instructor, at the 2017 Rock Hard Tour.





 Screaming Beauty Products

Proudly South African brand  for waxing, manicures and pedicures


Exclusive to selected salons only for silky smooth hands and feet. No more stickiness after waxing and no more slippery feet after a pedicure with the Screaming Beauty range.