Pedicures at Makarios includes Footlogix®

Footlogix® changed the way we do things at Makarios boutique Spa
Footlogix® is the world’s first and only Pediceutical® foot care line offering innovative products that provide effective and transformational results. Footlogix empowers professionals with the ability to elevate pedicures to a new standard of excellence.

Pedicures at Makarios includes Footlogix® a unique experience. It changed the way we do things, at Makarios Boutique Spa. We combine therapeutic services and beauty services because it ensures a unique experience. This is not done often.

Pedicures at Makarios includes Footlogix®

We changed the way we do things

Footlogix® is the world’s first and only Pediceutical®. In other words, it is a foot care line that has proven results. Offering innovative products that provide practical and transformational results. Footlogix empowers professionals with the ability to elevate pedicures. A new standard of excellence. Therefore we can treat more skin conditions than before.

Footlogix® altered the way we do things. Using the world’s first and only Pediceutical®. Mousse based foot care line increases service excellence. Massaging your feet and legs with this product will release the active ingredients. Therefore restores the health of the skin. Reaching the targeted areas. With no fatty outer layer to occlude it. To clarify this will not close up, or obstruct, the skin. Your feet are hydrated and retains its ability to function normally, resulting in healthy feet.

Spiraleen, the active ingredient, prevent germs from spreading. Resulting in a more durable skin barrier for healthy, happy feet.

What to expect

Makarios Pedicure includes Footlogix®
Footlogix® transforms pedicures at Makarios Boutique Spa

Enjoy a tasty cappuccino. Consultation. We attend to your every need! Pedicures at Makarios includes Footlogix® is a unique experience
We believe it is crucial to evaluate & assess skin and nails. However, not many people realise we need to do this. This way we can recognise, recommend & refer you to a podiatrist if needed

Only Qualified Therapists ensures excellence

At Makarios Boutique Spa, excellence is vital! We employ only Qualified Therapists. As a result, your treatment & experience will be much more efficient and relaxing!
Your qualified therapist will exfoliate as desired. In other word scrub the dead skin cells off. After that, they will apply specifically chosen Footlogix® products. To remove all impurities from the feet. (Dry skin, calluses, etc.)

Relax and enjoy pedicures at Makarios that includes Footlogix®

Relax and enjoy a Signature Makarios foot & leg massage.

<img src="expert_with_footlogix mousse.png" alt="expert using a footlogix mousse to massage"/>

Relax and enjoy a Signature Makarios foot & leg massage.

What about colour?

If desired, we can apply the Artistic Colour revolution Nail varnish. Or colour gloss Gel to beautify your toes. In addition, you can ask for nail art.

<img src="expert_with_Artistic colour gloss.png" alt="expert using artistic colour gloss gel overlay to beautify nails "/>
Makarios Pedicure combines Footlogix® and Artistic Nail design

Other Foot Treatments on offer

Luxurious Paraffin wax Treatment can be combined with Makarios Pedicure and includes Footlogix®
Luxury wax treatments. Dipping your feet into warm wax, reveals soft, smooth skin, no matter the age, dryness of your skin. Perfect for winter
Makarios Manicure – 90 minutes-R400 or a Makarios Pedicure – 120 minutes-R400, you can combine a Makarios Mani and Pedi -R700

Home care for Feet

With the proper home care product, you can extend the result of your pedicure. After an examination, your foot specialist will recommend the appropriate home care routine.

Makarios Pedicure includes Footlogix®
Makarios Spa recommends Footlogix® for home care.