Body Therapy

Body Therapy Massage ChairWithin 90 minutes from body fatigue to ultimate relaxation…

Exhaustion seeps through your pores. Running the household, being a mom, a good wife, and a full-time career. Your body is as tired as your mind…desperately seeking time to relax, to gain strength mentally and physically. But when? How?

Make an appointment today for a body therapy treatment. Surrender your body to your Matis beauty expert. Allow her to scrub and massage all the tiredness away.

It only takes 90 minutes…

  • To experience ultimate relaxation. You don’t have to do anything. Just relax while she massages the fatigue, aches and pain away.
  • To feel good about yourself again, a woman to be loved and taken care of. It’s your turn to be nurtured as you nurture…
  • To smell good. Once again, your femininity enhances the fragrance of the treatment oils and products.
  • To glow radiantly, invitingly. When touched, loved ones experience the softness of your skin.

Time-Based Body Therapy Treatments

Just tell your Matis beauty expert which part of your body needs massage therapy and for how long. (No erotic massages).

Irrespective of the type of massage — Swedish, aromatherapy, sport, or lymphatic drainage — you choose the duration and the body area — shoulders, face, back muscles…

Besides the Matis Spa scrub and massage experience, there is the multi-sensory Dermalife Spa-Jet Treatment. Holistically balance and restore body wellness with gentle steam, comfortable body temperature during

  • hot or cold water mist treatments,
  • detoxication,
  • body wraps and mask treatments,
  • re-mineralizing, moisturizing and hydration treatments.

(During water restrictions, the spa jet treatment is not available)

Book your personal Body Treatment now and get rid of the extreme tiredness. Experience results quickly.