Exclusive Spa Packages

Experience a combination of exclusive beauty treatments and change the way you look and feel within hours



How much time do you have to take care of your body? A few minutes here and there?

Where are you on the priority list of being a working mum, wife, listener, nurturer, cheerleader, supporter, organiser, nurse, lover, entertainer….

Stop surviving! Take a deep breath. Revive!

Give yourself a couple of hours and experience beauty care exclusively for you—You’ll be back in time to drive the kids around or to cook dinner–And you’ll feel and look so much better.

Exclusively for YouExclusive beauty care face with champagne and snacks

For the next few hours, all the attention is focused on you. While you’re here, Makarios Spa salon is closed to all other clients. This is your time! Your experience. Your beauty treatment.

Peace. Quiet. No demands. Only soft music in the background.

Chat about anything you want to. Cry, laugh if you feel like it.


Your beauty expert’s hands are ready to spoil and indulge you. Smell the fragrance. Feel the soothing cool touch. Silently the knots and tiredness in your muscle disappear.

Like the announcing of spring with the first blossom in your garden, your skin reacts and reminds you of what it feels like to be you…

Exclusive Experience Packages

Chose any of the three packages below.


I Want it All 

(Facial,mani&pedi combo subscription)

You’ve committed yourself to a monthly beauty experience. Maintain your groomed look in 2 hours 55 minutes each month.

  • Monthly facial skin treatment
  • Manicure and pedicure for beautiful hands and feet


I Deserve it All 

(Facial, Mani&Pedi, Bikini & half-leg wax Combo Subscription)

Have you been working so hard, you’ve forgotten you, what it feels like to be a woman…? Facial skin treatment for your skin type, issues, and age

  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Biking and half leg wax




I Need it All- Package

Time to call everything to a halt. For the next 6 hours, you’re not available…for ANYONE.

Me time!!!

Six hours of utter contentment, joy and being blessed.

As you enter the waiting area, your champagne and snacks are ready for you. Drink a toast to you as the beauty expert escorts you into the Makarios spa salon.

Exclusive experience I want it all with champagne and snacks.Welcome massage to relax your body.

  • After the body scrub your skin feels smooth and refreshed
  • Bikini, Brow and half leg wax get rid of unsightly hairs.
  • Facial skincare treatment you wish can continue forever…
  • Lash and brow tints that give your eyes definition (and helps if you don’t have time for mascara before taking the kids to school)
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Body massage

Exclusive Experience image of Makarios Spa salon with therapy bed and spajetChose the “I Want It All” package if your time is limited.

Discover and love yourself again with the “I Deserve It All” package.

Desperate to pause life and be you again? Need nurturing and exclusive beauty care for your body? Then the “I Need It All” package is for you.


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