Get help now #Imtakingbackme

Get help now #imtakingbackme

Living during a pandemic changed us. Now more than ever, we learnt to appreciate the time. Get help now #Imtakingbackme. So many of us lost someone dear to us, and we did not have those last moments to say our goodbyes. We felt robbed, angry and frustrated, but life goes on, and we had to cope. We had no escape to let out our genuine emotions. There was no school; our husbands and kids were all around us. In our space! All the Time! They were watching us! The slightest sign of fear or insecurity caused havoc in the house. Help!

Only 24 hours

There are ONLY 24 hours in a day! No matter how many Bar-Ones you eat, it will not give you that extra hour a day. Working full-time, taking care of our husbands, kids, pets, parents and friends; physically and emotionally; while keeping a clean house, clean clothes, clean kids and pets. With all this happening we still needed to know the latest news in the World! All this kept us running from the morning, noon to night with no end in sight! Help!


T-w-e-n-t-y f-o-u-r H-o-u-r-s a day! “When will this day end?” A constant refrain! A familiar question we had to answer. Deep inside, we also wanted just a little sleep; after so many nights tossing and turning; worrying about our jobs, our husbands’ jobs, kids, the school, health, wealth and everything in between. Help!

Now, its November; almost Christmas. Where did the time go? The kids have become so big! Our husbands are still around, but we are not sure if that is a good or bad situation. We look in the mirror and see the lines around our eyes, our faces and our necks.

My trusted BFF

We can hear our BFFs laughing, in our heads, at our insecurity. Then we realise that we have not talked to them face-to-face since March. We think: “I wonder how she is?” We want the truth, not just the quick reply ” fine thanks” We need to connect. Lend a helping hand. Then we realise: “How can I help if I still feel out of control? I need a break!!” Help!

We need to connect. The women need to remember what they love. Everyone is in survival mode.

Youla Bartonik

Youla and I connected with many women during this trying time. We were trying to encourage and support their fears, emotions and needs. One thing we realised, our job is not confined to just beauty, pampering or skincare. Although it is important to assist with the emotional and physical well-being of our clients, it is not essential to their daily survival. Let’s help #Imtakingbackme

We can offer so much more…

Elize Strauss

We could offer our clients, friends and family so much more! Between the two of us we have combined experience of over 40 years in the not only the beauty industry but business in general. We have a qualified NLP- practitioner, life- and business coach on hand, as well as our endless love and patience for our clients as people and more specifically, our women clients. We are in the beauty industry because we want to uplift, support and develop women. Our passion is to empower and assist women in embracing whatever they want to be and helping get them there.

I know we decided not to do the pamper week this year, but let’s do it. We need a lekker party!

Elize Strauss

Launch #I’m taking back , Me! Pamper Party

Let us show our love to you in the true Makarios fashion. Yes, we want to spoil our clients with good food, wine, and treats. We want to help you. Assisting you to embrace who you are and want to be. Bring your friends that you have not seen in a while, and let us help you in your, what we are dubbing, #I’mTakingBackMe, journey.

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Get help now #Imtakingbackme. Do not miss out! After the 2020 year, we all had, Youla and I really believe that it is Time #I’mTakingBackMe!

Embrace a successful career, happy marriage and exhilarating motherhood. You can have it all!

Come and change the way you see things. Come, be refreshed, inspired and above all walk away with an #I’mTakingBackMe-Action plan!

Book a pamper party!

Bring your friends that you have not seen in a while, We will provide food, drinks and paper treatments while we introduce you to, what we are dubbing, #I’mTakingBackMe, journey.

Maximum of 5 guests per session (due to covid-19)
Your safety is our priority!


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We reward hard work. What better way to manage stress than a day at the spa. Fees will be waived as you sign up for #ITBM 6/12 month journey.