Personalised Skin care treatment

Personalised skincare treatments and products with long-lasting effects set us apart from any other spa. We combine a In-salon treatments and at-home treatments to prolong the effect of a good skincare routine.

Your eyes smile… mouth frowns… and cheeks blush… The slightest nuance and your face send a different message. Facials are as unique as your facial expressions.

It is essential to take care of your skin. A skin treatment that cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes is a good start.

Add your skin type, skin concerns, your lifestyle, age…It’s obvious that one type of facial is NOT a “one-size fits all” treatment solution. 

You can never be too young or too old to start taking care of your skin. Therefore, we use a skincare brand that has been developed by a man with a vision. To clarify, Eugene Mavromati said that he wants brand women can use as a teenager, until maturity. After 85 years we can say that Matis Paris has got that right. Every woman who has used Matis will always come back.

At Makarios Spa we believe that women need to be celebrated and taking care of your skin is a necessity! We make everything an experience. A treatment at Makarios Spa become a Highlight of the month. A time to be refreshed, replenished, inspired and prepared to handle life in its beauty. Personalised skincare treatments are just what you need to find balance.

Makarios Spa offers a range of 5 face treatment categories.





Personalised Skin care treatment is our Basic Facial.

An introductory facial that introduces your skin to Matis. A discovery path…

  • Your Matis beauty expert therapist will analyse your skin concerns and advise you what is your next step on this path of discovery.
  • You will experience immediate results from the deep cleansing, soothing, purifying and hydrating treatment.

To start your path of discovery, book your 1-hour Personalised Skincare treatment: Basic Facial.

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