Sun Care

sunburn pics for websiteImmediate relief for red inflamed sunburned skin

Burning heat radiates from your skin. If someone touches your sunburned skin, you want to cry. Staring at the red inflamed skin, you try to figure out how could this have happened…

You are always so careful.


beware sunburn

Despite the moans and groans, you ensure everyone is sun protected before they go outdoors. Especially with family outings to the beach. Then you personally apply and re-apply the sunscreen on your husband and kids… You were so busy protecting them, you forgot about yourself…

Perhaps you did some gardening while the sun was concealed behind the clouds. And you never realised how the UV rays could cause this amount of damage through the clouds…You didn’t feel the sun…You didn’t notice the redness on your arms and legs until it was too late. The damage was done and now it hurts…

After Sun Exposure Treatment

Sun Protection Treatments protect and preserve the cells. It prevents accelerated ageing caused by the sun.

After sun exposure treatment silver leaf


After Sun Exposure Treatment is the instant solution to sunburn.

Your hot, red skin welcomes the cool, soothing sensation when your expert therapist applies After Sun Refreshing Jelly. Soon the redness reduces…Your skin begins to look normal again. It feels good too. Now you don’t cry when someone touches you. The feverish sensation is also gone.

Included in the treatment package, is a homecare remedy. In addition, your expert therapist will advise you how to prevent similar mishaps in the future.

Your suntan protects your skin against UV but excess exposure causes damage. Book your sun care treatment and reinforce and preserve your suntan.