Young Adults


Control Acne with Monthly Treatments and Healthy Skin Care Habits

Acne, perspiration, hormonal imbalances, and sun exposures are disaster ingredients for a young adult’s skin. Monthly facial extractions prevent bruised skin when you attempt to squeeze out pimples. Combine your monthly salon treatment with healthy skin care habits to combat acne and other facial skin issues.

Your expert beauty therapist will help you get rid of those pimples without bruising your skin or leaving scars and permanent marks.

Matis Vitality By M beauty product line was created specifically for young adults.

Monthly Facial Treatments for Your Skin

In addition to the facial treatment, your Matis expert therapist will teach you how to take care of your skin.  She will recommend the right products for your skin type and lifestyle.

  • Flash Beauty Treatment, is a cost-effective treatment that works well with healthy skin care habits.
  • Calm Expert Treatment is for sensitive skins and acne issues.
  • Pure Expert Treatment is a deep cleansing treatment.

Smoking and Alcohol Ages and Damages Your Skin

Smoking narrows your blood vessels. It deprives your skin of oxygen and vital nutrients. The result…skin ageing within 10 years. So, if you start smoking at 16-19 years of age, your skin will show the ageing effect before you’re 30!

Alcohol does similar damage. Collagen keeps your skin strong and flexible which gives you a youthful look. Vitamin A boost collagen production. Alcohol and smoking destroy your Vitamin A levels which are essential for the generation of new cells.

The result…premature wrinkles…

Start Healthy Skin Care Habits Today

Are you ready to be in control of your face again?

To get rid of pimples without bruises?

To delay time and slow down the ageing process?

Book your facial treatment today and learn how to develop healthy skin care habits.

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